Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


Facilities Available at Sparsh  Mainly for conditions like Joint problems Arthritis Post knee / hip replacements Post fracture rehabilitation Ligaments sprains It Includes Physiotherapy electrical therapies for pain relief like Interferential therapy (IFT), Ultrasonic therapy (US), Heat therapy by Short Wave diathermy (SWD), Electrical Traction therapy, Transcutaneous muscle stimulation (TNS), Muscle Stimulator, Strengthening exercises Flexibility…

Neurological Rehabilitation


Mainly for conditions like Stroke Paralysis Parkinson’s disease Spinal cord disorder Nerve pain and palsies Spinal cord injury Nerve pain and palsies Muscular dystrophies Guilliane barre syndrome Cerebellar disorder Facial palsy It Iincludes Muscle strengthening Co-ordination training Stretching exercises Balance training Gait training Postural training

Old Age Care


Mainly for old age problems like Arthritis Imbalance and falls Incontinence Depression It Includes Stretching and toning exercises Relaxation techniques Pranayamas Balance training Depending upon the condition.

Pre and Post Natal Care


For physical fitness and postural care of pregnant lady during and after pregnancy. It Includes Education about changes in pregnancy and delivery Muscle toning Fitness management Pelvic floor strengthening Diet advice Breathing in labour Ergonomics for baby care

Menopausal Rehabilitation

Mainly for conditions like Incontinence (lack of control over urination when coughing/laughing) Osteoporosis (decreased calcium levels in bones making them prone to fracture) Arthritis Pelvic floor strengthening Weight gain   It Includes IPelvic floor exercises for incontinence Weight bearing exercises and diet modifications for osteoporosis Muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises for arthritis Pelvic floor strengthening…

Obesity Management


It Includes Aerobic exercise planning Muscle toning exercises Diet regulation

Vascular Rehabilitation


Mainly for conditions like Varicose veins Atherosclerosis Lymphatic disorders   It Includes Muscle strengthening Stretching exercises Life style modification Foot care

Cardiac and Respiratory Rehabilitation


Mainly for conditions like Increased chest secretions Any General surgery like appendicyctomy Before and after Heart surgery Yoga Pranayama Life style modifications Aerobic exercise planning