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Injuries and Conditions

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic Injury and Conditions Resource.

We look forward to working with you to reach your goals in health and well being. This section of our website is designed to provide you with educational information on injuries and conditions.
Our Injuries & Conditions resource is for informational purposes only. Do not diagnose, self treat, or attempt any exercises from the content on this site without contacting Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic, your physician or a qualified specialist first. At Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic we offer physiotherapy and ergonomic evaluation..

Introduction to Lower Back

physiotherapy for lower back pain

Low Back Physiotherapy in Sparsh

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic patient resource for low back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, there is no reason why you do have to banish yourself to the bell tower at Notre Dame a la Quasimodo. In fact, we have designed this portion of our site with you in mind.Whether you have lower back pain because of a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, or any other issue that is seriously impairing your outlook on life and your happiness, worry no more. We aim to provide a solution to you and to your problem, as well as supply information that will help you stay healthy and pain free after your injury is corrected.After all, there is no reason for you to live life hunched over in pain, there is too much to see, feel and experience when you are able to stand tall.

Introduction to Ankle Issues

physiotherapy in ankle issue

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Ankle Issues

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s resource about the ankle. Ankle injuries can be a real pain, literally and figuratively. Not only can they lay you up or make you hobble around, they may cause you to banish your favorite pair of stilettos to the closet or cancel that game of touch football that you had planned for the weekend.If you are currently in pain and suffering from an ankle injury, it is important that you know the facts about this sensitive area. After all, if your ankle injury is not given the proper attention and healed completely, you run the risk of it occurring again.In this area of our site you will find various resources on the types of ankle injuries that you could suffer from as well as information about the steps that should be taken for fixing this problem.Take the time and make sure you get proper attention; after all, you have better things to do than hobble around on a pair of crutches.

Introduction to Arthritis

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Arthritis

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s resource about arthritis. Arthritis is one condition that can be incredibly debilitating to a sufferer of this disease. Arthritis can cause pain, inflammation, stiffness, limitation of movement, and can keep you from fully enjoying your life.However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!This section of our site is designed with you, the Arthritis sufferer in mind. We want to be a resource for you, to provide you with the information and assistance you need in order to take control of your condition and let Arthritis know just who exactly is the boss.There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to do all of the activities that you love to do, whether it is dance, play a sport, lift your children or your grandchildren, or simply sit at the computer and update your Facebook status.

Introduction to Elbow

Physiotherapy for Elbow

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Elbow

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s resource about physiotherapy for elbow issues. The elbow is one of those areas that is easy to injure, whether your elbow is sore from sitting at a desk all day while you watch videos on You Tube or because you had an especially competitive game of tennis where your wife showed you who was boss, we are here to help.You have found the area of our site that we have devoted to you and we want you to know that we take your elbow injury seriously, and want to make sure we help you correct it by giving you the most up to date and accurate resources available.After all, we know it’s important for you to be able to watch all that You Tube has to offer in comfort. However, we can’t guarantee a pain free elbow is going to help you beat your wife at tennis. We’re not miracle workers after all.

Introduction to Hand

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Hand

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Hand

Welcome to Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s patient resource about hand problems. Can you imagine not being able to use your hands? Can you imagine suffering an injury that leaves you with a decreased ability to take care of yourself and perform everyday tasks? This is the position you will be left in if you don’t take care of your hands. When you injure one or both of your hands, you not only will be left out of your favorite sport, you will be left out of life.No one wants to depend on others for help in completing simple tasks like cooking food, driving a car, or opening a door. Therefore, this area of our site is designed to help you learn about and prevent a hand injury.Whether you are an active athlete or like to sit on the sidelines, we want to make sure you stay safe and healthy and keep your hands protected from debilitating injuries that will bench the fun in your life.

Introduction to Hip

Physiotherapy for Hip

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Hip

Welcome to Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s patient resource about hip problems. A hip injury is nothing to joke about, it is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer through and one that can lead to long-term health problems if not addressed correctly or inevitably prevented. Athletes who play active sports like football, soccer, and rugby are more prone to suffering through a hip injury than athletes in other sports, however, hip injuries can also occur by accident, whether through a bad fall or quick and awkward movement. Therefore, you must know how to take care of yourself so you do not fall victim to this debilitating injury.
This area of our site covers everything you need to be aware of as it relates to your hips and keeping them healthy.
Remember, good health and a little prevention now will protect this sensitive area as you age. We want to be there with you to proactively protect and prevent against hip injuries.

Introduction to Knee

Physiotherapy for Knee

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Knee

Welcome to Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s patient resource about knee problems. The knee is a sensitive area of the body and one that can be injured doing almost any activity. The knee is normally exposed and vulnerable and a simple twist can lead to a serious injury as well as ongoing problems and a long recovery time. Therefore, whether your sport is rugby or racquetball, bowling or badminton, you cannot take chances with this body part.This section of our site has everything you need to know about preventing or correcting a knee injury. It is our goal to provide you with resources, exercises and other knee related information that will allow you to learn about how easily this sensitive area can be injured.When you take the necessary steps in preventing an injury, you will enjoy your chosen sport more and avoid physiotherapy and other painful and time consuming tasks that come with nursing a knee injury.

Introduction to Shoulder Issues

Physiotherapy for Shoulder

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Shoulder

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s resource about shoulder issues. A shoulder injury can happen in any sport, and shoulder pain can be brought on from something as simple as sleeping in the wrong position. Whether you have damaged your rotator cuff because you were a little too overzealous at touch football with your friends on Sunday, or you are sore from trying to weed the garden and paint the garage in one afternoon, this is the part of our website that we have designed with you in mind.It is our aim to provide you with the information and tools to help you recover from a shoulder injury and to prevent future injuries from occurring.When you have proper information about how to stay healthy, you will find that your playtime will be more rewarding, your sleep with be more sound and your daily grind won’t wear you down.

Introduction to Wrist Issues

Physiotherapy for Wrist pain

Physiotherapy in Sparsh for Wrist

Welcome to the Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic’s resource about your wrist. Wrist injuries are very common because we use our hands and arms for so many of our daily activities, and if we fall, it’s most natural for us to put our hands out to catch ourselves or break the fall. Overuse injuries in the workplace occur frequently in jobs that are repetitive, as in working on a computer or on a line in a factory. Sports injuries to the wrist occur often, they can happen in almost any sport, and are likely to keep you off the field or court while you are healing.To help you to better understand wrist injuries, their rehab and possibly how to prevent them, we’ve put together a collection of resources for you to review. We hope you find them helpful, and feel free to ask your Sparsh Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic therapist any questions you might have about something you’ve read.